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Total Price = Vehicle Actual Price + Shipment Charges + Import Custom Duty + Other Taxes

Import Duty Calculator + Other Taxes (For All Countries)


Price and Purchase Details

Please be noted that in default prices listed are with FOB terms. That being said, we will cover costs associated with custom clearance and terminal charges in China. All cost incurred after cars loaded onto shipping vessels will be borne by buyers.

If buyers are not familiar with sea freight shipment, we can handle shipment for them to help ship the cars they buy to the destination country. In that case, the term would be changed to CIF, which includes shipping cost and insurance(basic coverage), so the quotations will change accordingly.

Inbound custom clearance and car registration in buyers' country will be handled by buyers. So please consult with your country's customs and agent to make sure you know how to import cars before you buy from China.

Let us give you an example so you have a better picture of how your landing cost will be:
Say you are from Nigeria and have set your eyes on Chery Jetour X90 SUV. The car is currently sold at 15000 USD, FOB price. You want to buy one, but don't know how to ship the car from China. So we will have our shipping partner ship the car for you. 

Say the POL(Port of Laoding, or port in original country) is Shanghai, China, and the POD(Port of Discharge, or port in destination country) is Tincan, Nigeria, and the current shipping cost(including insurance) is 2400 USD for a 20GP shipping container. So the CIF price would be the total of FOB price plus shipping cost(including insurance), which is 17400USD.

When the shipping vessel arrives at Port Tincan, you will be notified and you or your agent needs to submit paperworks to clear the car and register the car. Additional cost might be incurred in this process, which includes but not limited to THC(terminal handling charge), IDC(import declaration charge), Import Duty, etc.Let's say the total cost is 800USD.

To sum up, the landing cost to receive the car in Nigeria would be 18200USD(15000 + 2400 + 800). The same cost structure applies to buyers from other countries, though the actual cost might vary depending on their location and policies made by their own countries.


Consulting/Dealing Fee Charges

 Supply Deals International will charge dealing fee charges from 2,500 US$ to 4,000 US$
depending on the product category.


Car Export Process

Step One: Ask questions about a car, request shipping quote to your country (make sure first a car and shipping cost fit into your budget).

Step Two: Order a Car Inspection Report.
*You can buy As-Is, but we always recommend a Car Inspection Report for buyers protection.

Step Three: Once a Car Inspection Report comes back satisfactory (normally within 3-5 days), you want to proceed with a car purchase and your offer is accepted, we will e-mail you an invoice and consulting fee charges to pay for a car and shipping with wire transfer instructions. We start a car export process once your wire has been received.











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